Our Story

Hi!! I’m Meredith! I bought my first vintage Turkish rug at an antique store in early 2020 and that’s when the love affair began! I dove into researching and learning more about the rugs, their incredible history, and how I could get more for my home! I connected with some great women in Turkey and purchased rugs for my new home! Friends and family started seeing my rugs and asking about them and soon after that I decided everyone needed a Turkish rug and roped my sister in to do our first rug pop-up! A sweet friend hosted us at her adorable downtown boutique storefront and we sold all our rugs in about an hour! So we decided to officially start Turkish Trunk!

Our website came five months later after the confidence boost from another sweet woman who happens to have a show on HGTV! She invited us to use our rugs for the show and we realized we might need an online storefront! We were so scared to take that leap of shipping and logistics but it has been such a fun ride!

Are you seeing this theme here!? Women supporting each other is downright magic!

Women made the rugs by hand 70 years ago. Women helped us import rugs from Turkey. I needed my sister. A girlfriend opened her storefront to us. A female invited us to be part of her design show!

Thank you so much for supporting our small business! We are sisters, running it together in two different states with four precious girls between us, watching and learning what happens when women support each other!